Aware Consulting can conduct a thorough evaluation of the effectiveness of your system implementation as well as your business practices. This ensures that your information system is helping you to achieve your company's goals.

We employ a comprehensive process that guarantees that you will get a fresh look at your procedures.

The project overview phase ensures that the audit gets off to a great start. As part of this session, we meet with your steering committee to review the goals for the audit and the format of the audit report(s). The Aware consultant also presents a "kickoff presentation" to all employees involved in the audit, so that they are comfortable with their roles in the audit. During this presentation we discuss getting prepared for your interview, the types of questions that will be asked during the interview and a review of the entire audit project time line.

Observe users performing their jobs

Talk to key users from all areas of your company. Ask questions such as:

  • What is your job function?
  • What ERP system commands do you use?
  • What non-ERP systems do you use, such as Excel, manual systems, etc.?
  • What paperwork do you complete or utilize?
  • Which departments do you interface with?
  • How and when do you communicate with other departments?
  • What problems are you having?