Since some people respond to writing, while others are motivated by the spoken word, Aware Consulting offers you both! In addition to receiving a written audit report, we also can deliver the audit results in a presentation format. The audience of this presentation should include all employees who participated in the audit interviews or will be affected by the implementation of the recommendations. During this session, your consultant will explain why certain items were identified as opportunities, and will provide more detail on the recommendations to eliminate those inefficiencies. This is a great opportunity to both discuss the findings at length with your consultant, and to lay down a path for "where we go from here".

  • Conducted after you have had a chance to review the audit report
    • Formal presentation approximately four hours in length that:
      • reviews the audit approach
      • discusses the top 10 issues in detail
    • Recommendation as to what approach to take to resolve the bulk of your business process issues
    • Recommendation whether a new ERP system is needed