The process of identifying and purchasing the proper information system can be an overwhelming task. If you have decided that MANMAN is no longer the right system for you, Aware can help you with any or all stages of this important decision. With Aware you will save time and eliminate the risk of choosing software that won't meet all of your company's requirements. Hiring Aware to help you with this important choice can literally save millions of dollars by ensuring that you buy exactly what you need.

Since Aware's consultants work with many types of companies, we know the software vendors and their reputations for value, training, customer service and support.

Aware can give you assistance throughout any phase of this process from writing a comprehensive list of requirements to developing a short list of vendors. We can even coordinate the preparation of the final authorization request for management. With Aware on your team you can be confident that selecting your new system will be handled by experienced professionals in a timely and efficient manner, without the risk of making a costly mistake.